6 Awesome Nighttime Exercises for a Healthier You

Nighttime Exercises You Can Do

Life can get incredibly busy with work and business, leaving little time for exercise. Mornings are a rush to get to the office, and evenings are often spent catching up on unfinished tasks. But fear not! Nighttime exercises is here to save the day and keep you healthy and fit. Dr. Nitish Basant Adnani BMedSc MSc, cited in KlikDokter, highlights the positive impacts of nighttime exercise, including fighting fatigue, optimizing performance, boosting metabolism, and enhancing nutrient absorption.

Lesley Alderman, the author of ‘The Book of Times,’ suggests that the best time to work out at night is between 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM when your body temperature peaks, making your muscles more flexible.

So, here are some fantastic nighttime exercises you can do, whether you’re flying solo or with friends, using equipment or keeping it simple indoors or outdoors.

6 Awesome Nighttime Exercises for a Healthier You

1. Nighttime Exercises: Pump It Up with Weightlifting

Weightlifting isn’t just for bodybuilders; it’s for everyone! This versatile exercise benefits both men and women. Not only does weightlifting build muscles, but it also helps maintain a healthy body fat level. Plus, it increases bone density and boosts your energy, making you feel on top of the world. Say goodbye to stress as you lift those weights!

2. Pilates: Unleash Your Core Power

Pilates is the go-to exercise for many professional athletes, and for a good reason! Not only does it keep you healthy, but it’s also super convenient. You can do Pilates anywhere, even in the comfort of your home after a long day at work. Strengthen your core muscles, improve your posture, and reduce those pesky aches and pains. The bonus? It enhances your focus and energy levels!

3. Nighttime Exercises: Find Inner Peace with Yoga

Yoga combines physical movement and meditation, making it a holistic exercise. The great thing about yoga is that it can be done right at home. Engage in breathing exercises, meditation, and various poses designed to promote relaxation. Yoga is a powerhouse of positive health benefits for your body and mind, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

4. Nighttime Exercises: Get Grooving with Dance

Who says workouts have to be boring? Dancing is a fantastic way to express yourself while getting a great workout. Not only does it engage all your muscles, but it also gets your heart pumping. From salsa to hip-hop, the dance style is up to you! Dancing improves cardiovascular health, strengthens your physique, increases flexibility, and even aids in weight loss. It’s a perfect combination of fun and fitness!

5. Level Up with Fitness

Busy office-goers often choose fitness as their nighttime exercise routine. Fortunately, many fitness centers are conveniently located near office areas in Jakarta. So, you can hit the gym right after work and sign up for a fitness membership to lead a healthier lifestyle.

6. Boxing is a Great Way to Let Out Your Inner Lion

Boxing is an incredible mix of aerobic and anaerobic exercises. Burn fat and improve your cardiovascular health with aerobic exercises, while anaerobic exercises build muscle mass, strength, and metabolism. Not to mention, boxing is excellent for both your physical and mental well-being. Basically, it’s like receiving twice as much goodness!


Always pay attention to your physical condition and do exercises that you can comfortably do. Avoid overexerting yourself during workouts, and try not to exercise too close to bedtime. Ideally, finish your nighttime exercises at least 2 hours before going to sleep.

Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water. This will cool down your body faster and help eliminate lactic acid formed during exercise, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. So, go ahead and embrace the night with these fantastic exercises for a healthier you!