The Oxygen Trend: Unconventional Yet Impactful

The rising popularity of portable oxygen as a productivity enhancer highlights the unique ways in which people seek to cope with the demands of modern life, especially in high-pressure societies like China. Here, we provide key insights into this emerging trend:

Choosing Oxygen Over Coffee

Preferring Clarity Over Caffeine: People opt for oxygen instead of coffee to emphasize their desire for alternatives to caffeine as a means of boosting alertness and focus.

Combating Study Fatigue

Breathing Life into Studies: Students, in particular, turn to portable oxygen to combat study fatigue and enhance their concentration during long study sessions.

Enhancing Workplace Performance

The Oxygen Advantage at Work: Inhaling oxygen in the workplace is viewed as a tool to improve performance and creativity, potentially fostering a more balanced work-life culture.

Belief in the Placebo Effect

Fostering a Sense of Well-Being: The concept of oxygen as a “placebo” reflects the psychological aspects of this trend, where individuals believe it can improve their well-being, even if the physiological effects are debated.

Rejecting ‘Nei Juan’ Challenges

Escaping the ‘Involution’ Trap: The rejection of ‘nei juan’ symbolizes a conscious effort to avoid the pitfalls of overwork and burnout, seeking healthier and more sustainable approaches to productivity.

The unconventional use of portable oxygen devices in China highlights the diverse strategies that individuals employ to cope with the pressures of their daily lives. While the scientific basis for the effectiveness of portable oxygen remains a topic of discussion, its popularity underscores the importance of well-being and the pursuit of alternative ways to achieve balance in an increasingly demanding world.